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In March 2023, we initiated our Hygiene Program to address health disparities and the insufficient availability of hygiene and cleaning resources in our Westside Community.

Having had the privilege of assisting over 2,000 individuals in 2023, we are now extending our efforts into 2024!



The Store

We provide a range of hygiene and cleaning products to households on the Westside of Columbus. Each month, these households can request up to 5 items at no cost, and they have two chances to pick up items.


The only requirement is that the household must be in one of four zip codes: 43222, 43223, 43204, or 43228.

The Mini Hygiene Free Store

We provide miniature hygiene free stores in two schools situated on the Westside of Columbus, where youth can access a variety of hygiene items without facing judgment or being questioned.


Serving over 500 at-risk youth throughout the school year. 

Community Outreach

Through outreach, community events, and collaborations with small grassroots organizations, individuals have the opportunity to receive hygiene and menstrual kits.

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