To help individuals with re-entering into Central Columbus communities by providing quality programs and supportive services to individuals of primarily low to moderate incomes.


To breakdown the barriers of re-entry. 


A Step in the Right Direction started out as just an idea in 2017 from our Founder Kayla Davis. Throughout the up-coming years, Kayla began to see how there was a huge need for individuals to have resources to help with their re-entry. Kayla began to discuss how she could make a change within her local community and break the barriers that individuals face with re-entry. Kayla decided to take everything that she had learned and heard from her community and take the set to create a nonprofit that focuses on this crucial point. 

In the beginning of 2019, A Step in the Right Direction was created to provide programs and support to individuals re-entering their community. Kayla designed A Step in the Right Direction to help change the stigma around citizens reentering society.